Educational Tour

For Schools

Our programmes for school children are designed to inculcate in each child the love and appreciation of nature.

It is a fundamental and essential step to the study of “life sciences”. The lessons will be conducted by experienced trainers supervised by a qualified teacher.

It will be hands-on so that the children will see, smell and feel the plants for themselves. The children will observe the workings of nature and how it affects human beings. They will be exposed to farm life, to the beauty of simple living and the importance of environment conservation. There will only be short lectures, practical explanations and sometimes, games to play.

Farm Tours

Customers are encouraged to visit the farm any day to see how their food are produced and to enjoy the farm ambience. However, visitors are to see the farm on your own and not interrupt farmers who’s work never ceases. Public visitors are allowed into the farm, however many areas in the farm are closed to unescorted visitors. This is to prevent damage to our crops. For a more comprehensive visit, we recommend you organize a group and arrange with us for a conducted tour.The tour includes a talk on the different types of farming methods, the principle of organic farming, and the effects of organic farming on human and the environment. Participants will be taken round the farm by guides, who will explain the various ecological practices adopted by the farm. You will see the rich variety of plants and natural life that lives in the farm.There is a charge for tours, depending on the programme. The minimum group-size is 30 people per tour.

Farm Parties

Various groups who visited the farm in the past, have arranged for special activities to suit their interests. These include hands-on activities and special emphasis on certain topics. One group even celebrated the Mid-Autumn festival here at the farm! . Tell us what you have in mind and we will try to accommodate you.

Other Actvities

The farm organizes organic farming courses and health related activities whenever instructors are available. These courses are only available on ad hoc basis. Please see our NEWS page regularly for details.