• Delivery Cost Increase

    Our delivery cost has been rising the past years due to higher vehicle maintenance and labour costs. To keep our service going, we have to increase our delivery charge from $5 to $8 with immediate effect. We look forward to your continue support. (Read More)

  • Order system is working again.

    Our system is now able to receive your orders again. Please accept our apologies for last week's breakdown and Thank You for your patience (Read More)

  • Order system out of order.

    We are experiencing problem with order system since Saturday 23rd May. Your orders are not arriving. Please call us by phone if you have ordered. We will take your order by phone while we sort out the problem. (Read More)

  • No cash payments please.

    Effective this week, our driver will not collect cash from you. Payments to us are to be made by cheque or bank transfers. This is to avoid anymore disputes on whether cash has been given to our driver. Cheques and bank transfers allow you and us to verify your payment. (Read More)

  • Chinese New Year 2015

    We will be closed from 15th to 22nd February to celebrate Chinese New Year. Delivery will resume from the week starting 23nd February 2015. Happy Holidays to all. (Read More)

  • X’mas 2014

    There will be only one delivery on X'mas week. All orders will be delivered on the Wednesday 24th December 2014. We are close on 25th and 26th December for holiday. Happy X'mas to all. (Read More)

  • Chinese New Year Holiday

    We will be taking our usual Chinese New Year break from the week beginning Monday 27th January 2014 till 3rd February 2014. There will be no delivery during that week HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR to all (Read More)

  • Macrobiotic Cooking Class

    Mdm Kurina Ryoko Yonezawa who teaches Japanese Culinary Art in Japan is returning to give another Macrobiotic cooking class at the farm. Ryoko was last here on 7 April. Date: 29th Sept. 2013 Time: 2.30pm to 6pm Cost: $65 per person Include: Cooking lesson and a meal. Click here - Menu 2013Sep29 - for Word Document Menu for Green Circle cooking class on 2013 Sept. 29 Hosomaki : Thin Sushi Rolls “Norimaki” is the rice ... (Read More)

  • Watch us at RAZOR TV

    The video clip was recorded on Tuesday 23rd July 2013. (Read More)

  • Friday 24th May 2013 delivery as usual.

    Delivery will be as usual on Vesak Day Public holiday 2013 (Read More)

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